ɴɪñᴏ Episode 80 Finale

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Story line

Niño Inocente (Miguel Tanfelix) is a fun-loving teenager who is close to his family and friends and was brought up by his adoptive parents, David and Leny Inocente, to be righteous and obedient. Niño, a mentally-challenged teenager, learns how to overcome obstacles along with his best friends, Tukayo (David Remo), who is unknowingly the Santo Niño (the Infant Jesus), and Gracie (Bianca Umali), on whom he later develops a crush, and continues to inspire his community with his good teachings. The prominent Sagrado family of Barangay Pag-asa is close with Niño, especially Hannah, unknowingly to her is Niño's real mother. Hannah hopes to be reunited with her long-lost son one day, who was separated from her. There are still many negative forces in Barangay Pag-asa, such as the Santoses and Lucio, the Sagrado's loyal but scheming assistant. Niño and his father, Gabriel were separated from Hannah during an ambush caused by Lucio. The whole community gradually learns from their mistakes to become better, kind-hearted people and to stay strong in their faith.

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