ᴛɪʟʟ ɪ ᴍᴇᴛ ʏᴏᴜ Episode 105 Finale

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Story line

A rebellious son of Nestor. He grew up in Greece independently, where he met Iris and Ali. He starts his relationship with Iris there, but they broke up because of their family issues. When Iris returned to the Philippines, he followed her and became a photographer. He and Iris slept together in the car where they made love. Basti then proposed to Iris and got married, much to Cassandra's dismay. But Iris and him got married anyway. Then, Cassandra told them they could live in her house. The couple then decided to move out because Basti had a hard time adjusting to Cassandra's way of life. He and Iris then found a small home, and started to live as a real married couple without Cassandra's controlling ways. Basti dreams of having a baby with Iris, but she refuses to make love with him. Later he realizes that it is a two way relationship and asks Iris to forgive him. Later on, Basti and Iris decide to get married in a church. On this special day, it is revealed that Iris is pregnant, however, the couple's dream will shortly shatter as it is revealed that Iris's pregnancy will not progress because hers is a rare case of ectopic pregnancy. In the end, Basti and Iris then reconcile with each other after Val explained to Iris that she was the one who sent and ordered the video between Basti and Madison.

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