ʟᴀ ʟᴜɴᴀ sᴀɴɢʀᴇ Episode 185 Finale

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    The prophecy of the Blood Moon is the heart of this fictional series. It is foreshadowed from the start that the child of the most powerful vampire and the chosen wolf will end the reign of the vampire with the cursed ink (“sumpang tintâ”). The story picks up when Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz), Lia (Angel Locsin) and Malia Rodriguez (Kathryn Bernardo) are living their lives as powerless mortals in San Isidro, a fictional province of the Philippines. Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez), Magnus' son, also known as Supremo, orders his forces to hunt the Rodriguez family to prevent the prophecy's fulfillment and ensure his ascendancy into power.[2] Malia's bloodline is a threat to Supremo even as a mortal child without powers.[3][4] Supremo kills Mateo and Lia, unaware that the 7 year old Malia is carried off to safety at a secret LLU base in Tanay, Rizal[5] by the werewolf Baristo (Joross Gamboa).   Malia is 21 years old when Supremo locates their camp and massacres everyone. Supremo and his vampires replace LLU's business and political influence and assimilate into mainstream society in the metropolis. In the 14 years since the massacre, the peaceful cooperation of the three species established by the LLU organization is gone, werewolves are hiding and humans are in peril once again. Many LLU leaders flee the country. A few remnants find each other in Manila, where Malia meets Tristan (Daniel Padilla), a young man seeking to avenge his father's death by vampires. Tristan joins a secret youth vigilante group called Moonchasers, who track and kill vampires and protect Supremo's targeted victims. Jethro Kabigting (Dino Imperial), the seer, predicts the young couple are fated to be enemies. They grow closer, nonetheless, and Tristan discovers she is not human. They fall in love.

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