ᴡɪʟᴅ ғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ Episode 257 Finale

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    This story follows Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador), a beautiful and smart heiress who wants justice for her parents' deaths by seeking revenge against the evil Ardiente family, a powerful political dynasty in the fictional province that bears their name.   Lily's mother, Camia (Sunshine Cruz) is a school teacher and her father Dante (Christian Vazquez) is a public attorney. The Cruz family moves to the thriving and wealthy province of Poblacion Ardiente, where Dante gets an associate position in the Public Attorney's office. Lily easily finds friends including Diego Torillo (Joseph Marco), the youngest son of the Ardiente family, one of the students who Camia tutors. The Ardiente family is the most powerful political dynasty in the province under the jurisdiction of Governor Julio Ardiente (Tirso Cruz III) and his daughter Emilia (Aiko Melendez), Mayor of the province. Emilia is married to businessman and known serial womanizer, Raul Torillo (Wendell Ramos). They have two sons, Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing) and Diego.   Complications follow when Raul is attracted to Camia. With the entitlement of the powerful, Raul assaults Camia prompting Dante to file rape charges against him. Unfortunately, the Ardientes do not take threats lightly. Lily's world crumbles when Dante suspiciously dies from a heart attack and she witnesses her mother's rape. Though targeted to be killed herself, the assassins feel compassion for the 9 year old and frees her instead. Lily fends for herself in another city until a wealthy woman, Prianka Aguas (Priscilla Meirelles) rescues her from life in the streets. Prianka legally adopts Lily and raises her to become tough, providing her with the resources to seek justice for her parents. Prianka later died from ovarian cancer and Lily inherits her fortune and returns to Poblacion Ardiente as Ivy Aguas.   With a billion dollar conglomerate behind her, Ivy is a magnet for the Ardientes who are preparing their campaign for the gubernatorial and congressional reelections. Ivy is reacquainted with Diego, who turns out to be the bastard son of Raul. Nonetheless, they fall in love and Diego renounces his family.

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