ᴀʀᴀᴡ ɢᴀʙɪ Episode 119 Finale

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Story line

Martha Cecilia's novel gets a telenovela fix which revolves with the optimistic Michelle, who sees a brighter future ahead despite of her hardships in life , and the CEO of Olvidar Group of Companies, Adrian, who still carry baggage from his dark past. The two developed sweet hatred for each other on their first meetings, but it became twisted when the aspiring lass discovered that the guy that she loathes is the client of their company. This will break her heart in the end—because the business proposal of her agency will be declined because of her. However, this will not stop the sanguine from vying in her career. She follow the water to personally visit and conduct her research on Adrian's holdings— Tranquila Resort. Soon after setting foot on the Island of El Paradiso, both of them will be surprised that they are in the same place at the same time, which will give us the question: What wonders will this paradise offer the two of them?

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