ᴋᴀᴅᴇɴᴀɴɢ ɢɪɴᴛᴏ Episode 348 Finale

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    Get to know Romina (Beauty Gonzalez), a loving daughter who strives to give comfort to her family, especially to her mother. Aside from her family, she also finds happiness from her boyfriend Carlos (Adrian Alandy). They will pursue their dreams together, and eventually decide to get married. However, a day before their wedding, Romina gets raped by an unknown man — a crime that will change her life forever. In disbelief of her girlfriend's testimony, Carlos will break up with Romina and blame her for her unfortunate fate. But another news will shock her — she is pregnant, and the child she carries is the result of the horrific act done to her. In her moment of despair, she will find refuge in Robert (Albert Martinez), the owner of the company she works for. They will eventually become lovers, but Daniela (Dimples Romana), Robert's daughter, will get in their way and do everything to tear them apart. Mean and conceited, Daniela will treat Romina unfairly and accuse her of being a gold digger. Their conflict will push Daniela to run away and live on her own. But she will return as Carlos' wife, and will bring with them their daughter Margaret. Daniela and her family's return will also mark her quest to get the whole share from her father's inheritance. But this will not be made easy by Romina and her daughter Cassandra, who is now a legal child of Robert. This will deepen their rivalry for the love of Robert and their right as the true heirs as they decide to live under one roof. Will their golden hearts return to their gleaming glow now that they are dimmed by anger?

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