ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴇ ᴏғ ɴᴏᴋᴅᴜ Episode 43 Finale

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Story line

A man called Jeon Nok-du lives on an island of Korea during Joseon dynasty with his Father Jung Yoon-jeo, his brother Jeon Hwang-tae, his master Hwang Jan-gun and his master's little daughter Aeng-du. Aeng-du is convinced that she is to marry Nok-du as Nok-du promised to do so if master Hwang agreed to teach him martial arts. She also calls Nok-du honey(to much to disagreement to Nok-du). Nok-du wanted to get out of the island and start anew in the city for money and recognition. But his father forbid him to do so for an unknown reason. One day Nok-du's family is attacked by some unknown assassins. Nok-du arrives just in time to take down the assassins. Nok-du was about to kill the last assassin when he was stopped by his father. His father claimed that this happened so he could pay for his sins. But Nok-du was determined to find out why they were attacked, so he left his father and wounded brother in the care of master Hwang and followed the assassins to their hideout. After he left, Hwang-tae and others were shocked to discover that assassins were women. Nok-du follows the assassins to the city. At same time king announced that he would be visiting the city. Here a man is seen hiding behind among the houses. This man takes his bow out of his bag and imagines that himself taking down the King. After snapping out of his imagination, he saw King's chariot had moved beyond the aim. So he quickly took his place and adjusted his aim. However, Nok-du who was following the assassin bumped into this man and caused the man to drop his bow and caused Nok-Du to lose his target. After a short dispute, the two parted ways. As the man was about to shoot the king, an old man threw a stone on king and injured him.

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