ᴇᴠᴇʀʏʙᴏᴅʏ, sɪɴɢ! Episode 37 Finale

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Story line

A community group consisting of 25 individuals, dubbed as the "Songbayanan," will be divided equally into five rows,[b] whose each row is referred to as "SingKo" (transl. I sing, lit. 'five'). Each round, one row will be chosen by the "ChooSera" to play a particular game (includes "The ChooSing One, "Sing In The Blank," "ReverSing," "PicSing a Broken Song," and "EngliSing ang Lyrics"). Each game has a different set of mechanics; however, they have the same goal, each contestant has two guesses to complete a line of a song, they will receive ₱1,000 for each correct guess, and the community group gets an additional 2 seconds to the Jackpot round's timer, the more correct guesses, the more chances of winning the Jackpot prize. The community group will then get to participate in the Jackpot round ("Everybody GuesSing"), wherein the community group will be guessing each song that is being played. If successful, they can share a winning jackpot of ₱500,000

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