ʙᴏʟᴇʀᴀ Episode 65 Finale

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Story line

“I'm so happy na ito yung naging comeback show ko kahit hindi ako marunong mag-billiards. Nung sinabi sa akin na kaliwete si Joni, I took the challenge, I said okay, let's go, let's try. Mahirap siya nung una kasi I'm a right-handed person. I took everything into account, I trusted na kaya natin ‘to. Nung pinapanood ko naman ang ganda! Thank you everyone for helping me to get the character right, to get the form right. Sobrang saya ko! I'm so proud of this show talaga.” says Kylie. At a young age, Joni was taught to play the sport by her father who was a former billiard champion. After being accused of cheating, her father's career ended but it never hindered her from learning and becoming a master herself. But when her father died, it was up to her to support her family; playing billiards was suddenly the last thing on her mind. But dreams have a way of catching up with us, and Joni suddenly finds herself returning to the sport she first fell in love with. Now older and wiser, she meets stronger opponents and faces bigger problems rooted in circumstances that happened to her family years ago. And with every fall, she stands up taller and comes back stronger. She is determined to win, and will do everything to do just that.

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