ᴘᴇᴘɪᴛᴏ ᴍᴀɴᴀʟᴏᴛᴏ January 21 2023

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Story line

John Feir as Patricio "Patrick" Generoso: Pepito's long-time best buddy who now serves as his driver, personal assistant and confidant. A running gag of the show is his inability to obtain for himself a decent means of living despite his friend Pepito's frequent admonitions, his insatiable appetite as well as his penchant to smooch off the Manaloto household uninvited, which earns him the ire of Baby. Carmina Villaroel as Maricar Del Valle: the friend of the Manaloto family. (Season 1-3, 6-present) Ronnie Henares as Tommy Diones (pronounced Jones): Pepito's former supervisor who is now unemployed. One of the show's running gags is his constant scheming and engagement into zany schemes to scam other people from their money, which Pepito calls him out for. Arthur Solinap as Robert "Bert" Santos: the Family Driver of the Manalotos, whose personal vanity and effeminate behavior contrasts the usual macho traits associated with his profession. His employers, however, never bother to inquire about his actual sexual orientation. Mosang as Bettina "Baby" Reyes: the older of the two resident household helpers of the Manalotos. While extremely loyal to her employers, her sassy attitude almost always puts her at odds with Patrick, who always calls in uninvited to the household. Janna Dominguez as Maria Magtigan Cruz: the younger of the Manaloto's resident household helpers. Hailing from a rural town and without formal schooling, she almost always has a hard time grasping even the most basic of figurative concepts, a common running gag of the show being her inability to grasp figures of speech and almost always taking orders and instructions literally. Nova Villa as Mimi Kho: the Manaloto's greedy neighbor and the chairwoman of their village, who is always influenced by all things free or with monetary value that she thinks will benefit her greatly. She also teams up with Tommy in his usual schemes, both often getting into hilarious consequences in the process. She and her daughter manages a souvenir shop, which sometimes had been known to have sketchy operations though. Jessa Zaragoza as Deedee Kho: the daughter of Mimi Kho and the more responsible one compared to her mom, but oftentimes fall victim to sketchy schemes just to earn some income. Jen Rosendahl as Roberta "Berta" Santos: the Kho's resident household helper, who is well-known for her deadpan and robotic voice and snarky side remarks, much to the consternation of her employers.

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