ᴜɴɪᴄᴀ ʜɪᴊᴀ Episode 85 Finale

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Story line

It stars Kate Valdez as Bianca and Hope, Faith da Silva as Carnation, and Kelvin Miranda as Ralph, as well as Katrina Halili as Diane and Mark Herras as Zach. poster Unica Hija follows the story of Dr. Christian (Alfred Vargas) who develops a genetic engineering project but unfortunately neglects his wife, Diane (Halili), and their daughter, Bianca (Valdez). Tragedy strikes when Bianca dies in an accident. Diane blames her husband for Bianca's tragic death and leaves Dr. Christian shattered and desperate. He then comes up with a daring plan to bring back his daughter through human cloning and hopes that this will also fix their family.

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