ʟᴏᴠᴇʀs / ʟɪᴀʀs Episode 19

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Story line

As I listened intently to Ms. Roselle Monteverde of Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Joey Abacan of GMA Network speak about ‘Lovers/Liars', it became crystal clear to me that they share a common commitment to improve, enrich and entertain viewers at home with only the most superior kind of television programming. It is more than fair to say this because when you have two pillars of the industry themselves who have been doing this for decades saying so, you can bet your bottom dollar they will deliver. Indeed, to have no other than Ms. Roselle Monteverde and Joey Abacan leading the charge for the overall improvement of the quality of shows that can be watched on GMA Network, it should be deemed good as done. From my own observation and estimation, and from what I have seen each time Regal Entertainment, Inc. is involved with GMA Network in co-creating, co-producing, co-conceptualizing, and co-releasing a brand-new show for the “Kapuso Network”, their team-up always works! In it is an undeniable stamp of excellence that is unparalleled and as has been seen in previous shows.About websitePinoy Tv is a great platform that refers to Filipinos and their culture within the Philippines and overseas Filipinos among Filipino Diasporas. Pinoy channel feature programs from Pinoy Series In HD Quality. These shows are also available online on the Pinoy Teleserye TV website. Pinoy Tv shows are updated daily on the online website, so if Filipinos can not watch live TV shows, they are not going to miss the most recent episode of their favourite show nationally and internationally. Great option for anyone who wants to watch a wide variety of Filipino TV shows and movies

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